UMCB Features Student Art of Healing September 13, 2011

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The frenetic hallways of University Medical Center Brackenridge are not generally a place one considers when one thinks of art exhibits. This week, the hundreds of visitors, patients and families who visit UMCB will have the chance to see a small exhibit featuring art work by students at the St. Ignatius Martyr Catholic School. This exhibition, a part of Seton's Art & Soul initiative, is one in a series of art shows featuring student works from Central Texas parochial schools.

The Seton Art and Soul program embraces the philosophy that a patient's surroundings have a profound effect on the body, mind and soul. This system-wide program celebrates the powerful, positive connection linking a hospital's environment with the physical and emotional well-being of its patients, families and staff.

The St. Ignatius Martyr Catholic School Art Program is designed to help students create art and develop an understanding and appreciation of the different artistic forms and mediums. Students participate in a wide variety of projects that range from working with basics shapes to the thoughtful reflection of art genres in several periods. Students develop their art skills through sketching, painting, etching, cartooning, 3-dimensional projects, ceramics and leather works.

"Modern medicine now recognizes the important role art can play in the process of healing and recovery and the healing ministry is just as much an 'art' as it is a science," said Sr. Nannette Gentile, Asst. to the President for Leadership Formation. "Fostering a healing environment means attending to the whole person; body, mind and spirit. Art is a way of attending to all three of these dimensions, and thus has an important place in our facilities."

Bringing the fresh, new works by these burgeoning young art students to UMCB will allow them a venue in which their creativity can be seen by the public. It will also allow the patients and visitors at the hospital to experience the dynamic and calming effects the works provide. Each student has produced a work reflective of the spiritual aspect of healing.

The student's work will be on exhibit in the hallway leading from the ground floor entrance to the UMCB ED beginning Friday, Sept. 9 through November 29, 2011.

Art at Dell Children's Medical Center

Dell Children's Medical Center of Central Texas embraces the belief that a patient's surroundings can have a profound healing effect on both mind and body.

Before the earliest blueprints, before a single shovelful of dirt was moved, there was a commitment to a visionary design philosophy that embraces the power of art as part of the healing process. That vision is far from a simple subjective notion: Several landmark studies have confirmed a powerful connection between a patient's physical environment - even something as basic as a room with a view - and a patient's physical and spiritual well-being.

Today, there are more than 900 paintings, sculptures and other art at Dell Children's. This collection includes work from renowned artists such as Bolivia's Graciela Boulanger and George Rhoads from New York City, as well as Texas - and Austin area - artists.

View our slide show and see some of the beautiful artwork that graces the walls of Dell Children's and read the artists' inspiration for their art.

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