Tatum's Core Strengthening Video for Pre- and Postnatal Fitness June 1, 2011

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Tatum Rebelle, now Tatum Maguire after her recent marriage, is a one-person exercise dynamo in Austin, Texas, and a certified pre- and postnatal fitness and nutrition expert and founder of Total Mommy Fitness. She makes fitness fun and feasible with custom designed conditioning and nutrition programs for families and especially mommies. Her clients range from women who are preparing their bodies for pregnancy to those that already have children and feel their exercise and nutrition routines have reached a plateau.

Total Mommy Fitness currently provides training at Castle Hill Fitness, located at 12th St. and Lamar Blvd, as well as in-home and outdoor training in Central Austin, Tarrytown, Westlake, Circle C, Lakeway, Oakhill and Online.

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Tatum's desire to create Total Mommy Fitness began when she worked as a trainer for popular gyms. She repeatedly observed that most of the women stopped exercising once they got pregnant. With this information in hand, Tatum decided to deepen her expertise by studying pregnancy exercise. The latest research surprisingly disproved everything she had previously heard; not only can women stay physically active during pregnancy, but the benefits of doing so seemed endless. The excitement of this new information spurred her desire to share what she had learned with expecting mothers, to help them to continue their personal fitness throughout their pregnancy, and after.

In this video, Tatum demonstrates stretching and core strengthening exercises for pre and post natal mothers.

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