IGNITE Boot Camp March 20, 2009

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There was a time in Central Texas that if you heard the word "boot camp" you thought someone was getting ready to report for service in the military. That still may be the case, but it could also mean that the person is discussing a popular fitness program for civilians. Patterned after the program to get new military recruits in shape quickly, the fitness boot camp can create quite a change in the body in a very short time.

"Boot Camp is popular today because it is something that everyone can participate in it is fundamental fitness at its best and the program is based around the standard exercises most people know and are comfortable with," says Terian Szymczak, Senior Director, Fitness and Aquatics Chasco Family YMCA. "Everyone can run, do jumping jacks and tires, pushups and squats you don't have to negotiate any high end equipment or keep beat to the music add the outdoor element to an already die hard outdoor community and you have a great combination."

One of the benefits of a gym is the access to fitness equipment. Most of what the equipment is doing is creating resistance for the muscles. But the same resistance obtained with freewights or fitness equipment can also be obtained using your own bodyweight. Think of gymnists and their defined musculature. Most of that is achieved from manipulating their bodyweight through various positions and being able to hold it for a period of time.

Fitness Boot Camps do use some props. "We will use some props but not many -- boot camp is a great place to do what we call body weight training which is simply using your own body weight as a tool," says Terian. "We will intersperse some fun tools -- body bars, medicine balls and tubes throughout the program but the emphasis will be on simple, fun skills and drills."

Boot Camp can be thought of as strength conditioning and is like any other form of fitness where moderation is the key. Two or three times per week of Boot Camp, combined with cardio and flexibility, which is often overlooked, on other days makes for a complete fitness program.

Ignite Boot Camp

This six-week intensive outdoor training program led by the Chasco Family YMCA will challenge you in fun and dynamic ways. You'll improve your cardiovascular endurance, strength, agility, coordination and flexibility through fun drills, some good old-fashioned sports conditioning and lots of fun.

There are two boot camp sessions offered. Workouts for each session will be held at Seton Medical Center Williamson located at the intersection of University Blvd. and FM 1460 in Round Rock.

Session 1: March 24 through April 30, every Tues and Thurs, 6-7 p.m.
Session 2: May 5 through June 11, every Tues and Thurs, 6-7 p.m.
Space is limited to 50 participants per session, so register today!

Womens Health Seminars
Ignite 5K training and boot camp participants will also have access to free seminars on a variety of women's health and fitness topics.

Its a Steal of a Deal!
5K Training - $40 (includes 5K event entry fee)
Boot Camp - $40
Register for both and receive a discounted rate of $75!

Terian is a 24 year fitness veteran whose specialty is the group fitness arena. She is a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, LesMills instructor, Water Fitness Instructor and Lifeguard. She has taught and trained staff in a variety of formats in the for profit and not-for profit world her entire career. She is currently the Senior Director of Fitness and Aquatics at the Chasco YMCA, Round Rock, Texas.

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